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Interactive 3D Facility Maps for Online Tours


Our 3D Mapping Service is available on a first come, first served basis.

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Service Details

Service Pricing

Referral Agreements

How  Our Service is Completed

Our 3D Facility Map Service includes:


1. Creation of and direct access to a high-resolution, high-detailed 3D Map / virtual tour.

A 3D Map can be embedded on your website, as well as placed within emails and other marketing methods via a direct link.

We can include informational tags throughout the property. (ex: daily events in the activity room; dining times in the dinning room; ect.)

If your team has any Youtube videos illustrating life at your community, we can also place them within the 3D Map.

Exploration within the 3D Map can be experienced on phone, tablet, desktop computer, and virtual reality applications.


2. Upon request, up to two 360-degree images and 4 standard images.

These images from the scan can be provided for your business' use on social media and advertising.
Additional still images from scan available for $35 per photo.



Direct access to the 3D Facility Map requires a monthly hosting service fee per building.
Subscription to hosting service must be maintained for the minimum of 1 year; afterward, service will be provided on a month-to-month basis.

Standard 3D Facility Map Service Pricing


Set Up Service Fee

(one time fee)

10 or fewer beds: $500.00

11 or more beds: $1,000.00




Monthly Hosting Service

(one year minimum)

10 or fewer beds: $50 per month

11 or more beds: $100 per month

Our team visits for a day with our 3D Scanner Camera

Direct access to your 3D Facility Map.

Place it on your website, share it in emails as a direct link, and use it in other forms of your company's marketing

Community Care Options'

Senior Referral Service Agreements

If your company signs or has signed a referral agreement with Community Care Options' Senior Referral Services, our Referral Service now includes the creation of a 3D Map of your facility, at no cost to you.*


CCO Senior Referral Services utilize 3D Facility Maps when helping families explore possible care options for their loved ones or themselves. A 3D Facility Map will boost the amount of client referrals to your community with the added benefit that you will save time and money on new move ins.


*Set Up Service fee for creating the 3D Map of your facility will be waived; however, Community Care Options' standard pricing for Monthly Hosting Service will be applied.

The way our system works is we visit your building for a day (2-10 hrs depending on building size and activity of residents). We use our 3D Scanner Camera in your community's marketable areas that you would normally show prospective clients. You can also show off your demo bedrooms, furnished and/or empty, to give a better feel of their layout.

With consideration to privacy, and resident bashfulness, we endeavor to create a 3D Map that refrains from having other persons in the immediate vicinity of  where our 3D Scanner Camera is taking images. Please inform your staff and your residents about our visit so that they are prepared for our presence in your community.


Processing and editing the 3D scan and photographs will take approximately 2-3 weeks.

Once completed, we will email the direct link and HTML embedding code of the 3D Facilty Map, any requested images, and your service agreement to sign and return to us.


Payment for service begins after service agreement is signed and returned. Billing is on the 1st of each month.

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3D Facility Maps presented by Community Care Options in affiliation with Z A Production

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