California License Application


California License Application

Applying for an ARF or RCFE license is complicated. With about 280 pages of government forms, it’s quite the challenge. At Community Care Options, we have completed nearly 2,000 applications, with a near perfect acceptance record. It usually takes our office only 2-4 days to complete your application. And once turned in, Licensing should have you approved and ready to go in 2-4 months.

You’ll need to pass a criminal background check, and have a house or building for a facility, or at least a 1-year lease on a house. You will also need three times the operating costs in liquid assets, such as bank accounts, credit on credit cards, or a line of credit. For example, if the expenses are $15,000, you will need to show $45,000 in assets. Luckily you only need to show this amount during the application process. Contact us today and we will help you step-by-step through this complicated process.

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Online Shop (Faster Payment)

Our License Application process is streamlined through our online shop. Payments go through immediately. After purchase, you will receive a PDF form to fill out and send back to us. Choose your License Application below to get started. Prices below are non-member prices.

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Begin providing information required on this form, including your payment information. Once your payment is manually verified, we can get started.

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